B4iph/s 3110-9

Evering starts in 1908, our coach was produced by Waggonfabrik Simmering and deliverd as Ca/s 407 to the NÖLB. At that time, the wagon has 13 windows, 10.7 tons and 52 seats. In First World War, the coach stayed on the Mariazell Railway and in 1928 it was took over by the Austrian Federal Railways. Since then, it had the number Cah/s 407.

The coach had his first big rebuilding in 1941. There, the wagon was rebuilt to 7 windows and it became body made from metal (before it was made from wood!). After the BBÖ renamed into ÖBB, the vehicles on the Mariazell Railway got a new number. So in 1953 it’s number was C4iho/s 3210 (since 1956 B4iho/s). In 1962, the wagon had it’s second big rebuilding. In this year, the coach got his current look, at least in a technical way. The wagon grows for 1 m and got a bit wider. Since then, the wagon is called B4iph/s 3110 and had again 52 seats but 12.8 tons and a maximum speed of 60 km/h.

B4iph/s 3110-9 in Kirchberg

In August 1991 the coach got it’s current look. It got a painting for the partneship with Kirchberg an der Pielach. A last change in desing came in 2011, when NÖVOG took over the operation on Mariazell Railway: the wagon lost the old ÖBB-logo, called “Pflatsch”.