In 1993, Ernst Kainz built up a 70m2 big model of the Mariazell Railway from Laubenbachmühle to Erlaufklause in Traismauer. In 1996 he moved with the model railroad to the former bowling alley of the inn Hinteregger (today inn Mahrer).

The railway was built with all stations, brigdes, viaducts and tunnels. He and his helpers “planted” over 20,000 trees. Beside the model, there was a documentation with old pictures and exhibits around the Mariazell Railway.

After his death in 2001, a trustee took the economic matters. The model railroad was leased by the municipality and it was opened for visitors. This conditions were not optimal, the model was in danger of beeing destroyed. To prevent the museum from destroying and keep it open in the future, the idea of founding an association was born.

In October 2001, the proponents Günter Draxler from Rabenstein, Martin Kindig and Martin Frühwald, both from Kirchberg, started their work.

The meeting to found the association took place on 15 February 2002 at inn Hinteregger. The ten founding members were: Ing. Martin Frühwald, Martin Kindig, Ing. Günter Draxler, Angela Gansch, Gerhard Hackner, Josef Bauer, DI Johannes Matschi, Georg Schiebl, Ing. Wilhelm Weinmeier and Markus Wieland.

After the annual meeting on 22 March 2019 with committee election, the committee consists of:

ChairmanGünter Draxler
Chariman deputyWalter Puchegger
SecretaryAlexander Fink
Secretary deputyRoswitha Puchegger
CashierMartin Kindig
Cashier deputyGerald Pottendorfer
AuditorPeter Hinteregger
Gerhard Hackner

The municipality provide the museum to the associaton, but the association commited by contract to open the museum regular (at least once a week). The major job for the associaton is to supervise and maintain the model railroad.

The first appearance for the young association was a world record attempt at building the biggest Easter basket. We contributet a train-egg. Other highlights were the co-organisation of the narrow gauge festivals and film recordings by ORF and SWR (for Eisenbahn Romatik).

Nowadays, the association has around 60 members, around ten of them are active members. They are meeting each other every Tuesday at 6 p.m. to build at the railroad. We are always searching for new members. If you are interested, please fill out the form and send it to us via e-mail or postal service. Or visit us on a Tuesday evening.